Happy Belly Sauerkraut Recipe

I firmly believe in the power of fermented food! After hearing so much about it from one of my favorite teachers, Donna Gates of Body Ecology I have been trying to implement as much of it as possible in my everyday diet! I have learned so much about helping my digestion and feeling better after eating dairy which I have an intolerant to so now I can try something that contains dairy and not have issues.

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It’s super easy and I think it tastes great with everything! Well, maybe not everything – I think Sauerkraut ice cream may be a little gross but you could always use coconut kefir as a fermented food and that would go great with ice cream! You can also take probiotics which provide your gut with healthy bacteria which helps digest your meals better.

What you need:

*  2-5 heads of cabbage

(depending on how much you want to make, you can also use red or green cabbage, which ever you prefer. I like the red because it makes for a beautiful color!)

* Salt

* Other herbs and spices that you like, Cumin gives it a nice meaty flavor from my experience. Rosemary and Basil are great to use as well

* Something to mash with, you may also use your fist

* A big bowl with high sides

* A knife

* A glass jar with a lid

Start out with as much cabbage as you want, chop it up to your liking, in my experience the smaller the cabbage the easier to mash and place in your big bowl.

Add 2 tablespoons of salt per head of  cabbage and start smashing! You will need to mash it for awhile, these are where kids and significant others come in handy!

Eventually you will see a good amount of liquid on the bottom of the bowl, you want at least 1/2″ – 1″ or more of the cabbage juice.

Then get your glass jar and take a handful of your mashed cabbage at a time and squeeze the liquid out in your cabbage bowl and place the handful into the glass jar, packing it in as much as possible.

Do this until you are only left with the juice at the bottom.

Then you will pour the juice on top of the cabbage in the glass jar.

Close the top tightly and store in a dark cool place for anywhere between 3 days to 2 weeks (or more), depending on your preference.

The longer you wait the stinkier and more fermented it will be. Once you take it out of your dark hiding space put it in the refrigerator.

Add to dishes such as salads, mashed potatoes, meat, eggs, and so on…

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**If you are interested in the idea of cultured veggies but don’t wanna prepare the foods yourself you can always look into companies like HealthForce that has products that contain probiotics which provides your gut with healthy bacteria which helps digest your meals better. You can put them in your smoothies, put them in your soups, and even dash some on your salad! They also have a TON of superfoods  & superherbs powdered in with the probiotics so they are jam-packed with nutrition!


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